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Maria Comes Home From Work – Post 7

Maria came home to her clean shaven husband waiting for her watching tv everyday. Once she changed out of her clothes, she started dinner. It wasn’t that Tim couldn’t cook. He was quite capable. He just loved that Maria cooked for him every night. Anything Maria made was delicious even if it were just grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. He especially loved it when she made her mother’s enchiladas mineras, though he did her mother’s were better.


“It smells like “Mi Ranchito” in here.” These were the first words out of Tim’s mouth when he walked into Maria’s parents’ house. Mi Ranchito was a small family owned Mexican restaurant off the beaten path in Lincoln. Once Maria took him there, he made sure they stopped every time they passed through on their way to go to the movies or something in Roseville.

They took leave together one time and drove down to Gardena to meet her parents. Tim routed the trip down the Pacific Coast Hwy, which included a romantic stop in Pismo Beach.


After dinner, they usually went for a walk around the neighborhood. When they returned, they collapsed in front of the tv until Maria started to dose off. Tim would see her fight off sleep out of the corner of his eye and then would turn the tv off and say, “let’s go to bed, babe.”

Although it was never said out loud, they had an agreement that they would sleep nude every night. If one of them forgot, they would be harshly reminded. It was usually Tim since he was the first one in bed. “Uhh, what the fuck is this?” Maria would say as soon as she had noticed Tim still had his boxer briefs on. “Get them off!”

They made love every night. If they didn’t make love before falling asleep Tim would wake her up in the middle of the night with kisses and a gentle touch. She never turned him away. Their passion is one of the things that kept them together. Maria loved to make love to him, especially when he was on top of her. She loved feeling his long muscular body pressed against hers. She’d hold his head with both her hands. Her thumbs placed perfectly behind his ears as she looked into his eyes as she climaxed. This was her favorite way to make love to her husband. She got tremendous pleasure from these sensual moments. She also welcomed every opportunity to get pregnant again.

There are some important details in this post. Should I be telling you this? Anyway, enjoy. Post any comments, feedback, or questions below.

Tim’s Morning Continues – Post 6

Tim woke up when the sunbeam that came through the space between the end of the mini blinds and the frame of the window had made its way to his face. That was his alarm clock. It never occurred to him why he slept in so late every day. But he had been doing it for so long that he just shrugged it off as part of his routine. He made his coffee, fired up his computer, and began his daily ritual of scrolling through his Facebook feed and looking for some way to start a business from home.

Tim’s time online would have been better well spent doing something else. The opinions of people on the war enraged him. Those who were against the war pissed him off because they were not supporting the troops but what really got him was all the pro-war post.

He hated all the stupid post that said stuff like, “Thank you for your service,” “God bless our troops,” and “Freedom isn’t free” post. The pictures of an American eagle and the twin towers saying “never forget” and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Fucking idiots, he thought, Iraq has nothing to do with 9-11.

He also hated the fact that all these pro-war people had never been or in the least worn a uniform. How could you be for something you have never experienced, he thought. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion about the war, but unless they have been, it doesn’t mean shit.


Tim was a gung-ho troop before his tour in Iraq. He always wanted to go to war. It’s why he joined. Then he did and learned that war wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

When he saw the video of Saddam being hung, he thought to himself, what did we just do?

When arguing with people about the war it would go something like this:

Tim would ask, “What would you think of an army that, for no reason, invaded a sovereign nation, occupied that country, overturned it’s government, and then killed the president they unseated?”

“I’d think that army needs it’s ass kicked.”

“I was talking about us. That’s what we did,” Tim would say.


“Think about it.”

“What about all those people who were cheering in the streets when we liberated them. And, technically we didn’t kill Saddam. They did that themselves.”

“Don’t you think if someone took our president out of office, there wouldn’t be some people happy about it, cheering in the streets? There would be, and you know what, those people would be assholes. Un-patriotic assholes. Could you imagine being on their side? Well, guess who’s side we are in Iraq?”


After a few hours online, Tim headed to the gym where he put in a couple of hours every day. He was in tremendous physical shape. His workout regime was a mix of weights and calisthenics. He also trained every day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he worked on his most recent martial art quest, Krav Maga. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he rolled on the mat honing his Jujitsu skills.

He always made it back home before Maria and was sure to shower and shave so he would be fresh for her when she arrived. When he got out of the shower, he threw his dirty gym clothes in the clothes hamper in their bedroom where they collected until Maria did laundry, on Sunday.


I doubled the size of this post just last night. By talking to other authors and readers I get ideas about stuff I need to add. Everything you read about the war and stuff, I added last night… Wow, I just remembered something I thought of last night right before I fell asleep. I have got to get that down. Post feedback in the comments section below.

Tim Leaves For Iraq – Post 5

Official government travel meant Tim could take a taxi, limo, or whatever else to the airport on the government’s dime but, of course, Maria wanted to drive him.

“Just drop me off here,” Tim said.

“No. I want to park and go in with you,” Maria argued.

“It’s useless. You can’t get passed security anyway. Besides, we might as well get it over with.”

“Okay,” she responded with tears in her eyes.

“No lloras, mi amor.” Tim’s Spanish was limited to very few words, but they were effective ones.

“Be safe, Timothy.”

“I will,” he assured her with an eye roll.

“I’m serious. God damn it!”

“Babe, I’m not a soldier. I’m a heating and air guy. I’ll never leave the wire.”

“Still,” she said. “You better be safe.”

“I will, Babe. I promise.” He gave her a kiss and then kissed her belly. He then opened the door, grabbed his pack, and left. Maria was two months pregnant.


They found out she was pregnant just a month before she was due to separate from the Air Force. This was a problem. The uneasiness of not having a job with full benefits weighed heavily on the expectant mother. That and the fact that Tim had recently found out that it was his turn to deploy.

“What am I going to do, Timothy?”

Tim, without hesitation, responded, “We’ll go to Reno!”

They didn’t tell anyone. They went up to Reno on a Saturday as Tim and Maria and came back on Sunday as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. On Monday, they let the Air Force know, changing their statuses to “married” and naming each other as their spouse. A necessary step to ensure Maria would have medical coverage when she got out in a couple of weeks.

Of course, the families were disappointed when they were notified via speaker phone that Sunday on the drive back from Reno. They made the newlyweds promise a ceremony and party when Tim got back. It never happened.


I am still publishing “chapters” that I wrote months ago. I thought I was writing a short story then, so I left out a lot of details. I went back and added some to this excerpt right before I hit publish. Longer chapters with more details are coming soon. ~Dave

Tim’s Morning Routine – Post 4

Tim usually slept in till noon. He could do this because he didn’t have a job. He did manage to get a job after he got out of the Air Force as an operator in a hospital boiler plant nearby but was soon fired for his erratic behavior and eventually getting into a fight with a coworker. After this, both Maria and Tim agreed that he would be better off staying at home for a while. They could afford to make this decision. Tim was medically retired from the Air Force due to complications after a deployment. He collected a nice pension every month.

Short one this week. Tim’s morning continues but for some reason, I felt like stopping here and telling about the day he leaves for Iraq. That’s coming next week. I still think like I’m writing a script, so these “chapters” come out as scenes. Keep in mind I have no idea how to write a script or a novel. I’m just winging it. You should also know that the chapters are getting longer. When I started writing this I wanted it to be short story. I wanted to just get this story out there but it has evolved into a novel. So, now I’m adding a lot more detail. Telling the background of the characters.

Her Morning Continues – Post 3

The gurgling sound the coffee maker makes when it’s ready snapped her out of her daydream, and she poured herself a cup. She drank her black coffee and watched the local news waiting for something very specific. When the final spin cycle of the washer finished, she threw Tim’s clothes into the dryer and got into the shower.

It didn’t take her long to get ready for work. She was a natural beauty and used very little, if any, makeup. While she had a short, curvy figure that resembled her mother’s, her face had the high cheekbones, a long nose, and thin eyes of her father. Her skin was the color of coffee with too much cream in it. She was a definite blend of both her parents and a perfect reflection of their Mexican heritage. She put her hair in a bun like she did every day back when she was in the Air Force and then donned her scrubs and immaculate white sneakers. Within no time, she was ready for work.

Before she left for the doctor’s office, where she worked, she got Tim’s clothes out of the dryer. Any items that seemed permanently stained, she put into a plastic grocery bag. The rest she folded them neatly and put them away. On her way out she grabbed the grocery bag with the still soiled clothes and took them with her.


Did I miss a comma? Confused about something? Let me know. I’d appreciate your feedback below.

How They Met – Post 2

Maria met her husband one drunken night when they were both still in the Air Force. She worked in the hospital as a medical technician. Tim was a member of the Civil Engineers. He worked down in the bowels of the hospital, in the boiler plant. That’s why they both looked familiar to each other the night of the party.

Neither of them was old enough to drink, but that didn’t matter back then. There was always someone who was 21 that lived in the dorms. This person would be the one to get the keg after the hat was passed to collect the money. Someone would dismantle their stereo and bring it down to the pavilion from their room to DJ the party. The Civil Engineering dormitory was the best for parties. Since it was the engineers that built it 40 years prior. Besides the large pavilion, where the party took place, it was the only dorm on base that had a horseshoe pit, a sand volleyball court, and a barbecue grill. Yes, the CE dorm was where the parties were, and the hospital dorm was where all the girls were. Luckily, they were next to each other.

After a few songs and a couple of beers, Maria made the first move. “You work at the hospital don’t you?” Not waiting for an answer, she continued, “I’ve seen you there, but I’m not sure what you do.”

“I work down in the basement. In the boiler room,” he answered back.

They made small talk for a while, and when the DJ played a slow song, she asked him to dance.

“I don’t know how, really.”

“It’s a slow song,” she responded, “Everybody knows how to slow dance.” She took his cup out of his hand and set it next to hers on the table and dragged him to the dance floor. She put his hands on her hips and attempted to put hers around his neck but settled on his shoulders. There was quite a contrast in their height.

Tim held Maria as is he was holding a gallon bucket of paint that was missing the wire carrying handle, trying not to spill anything. He was surprised at how close his fingers came to touching each other.

There was no doubt about it; Tim moved like a “white boy.” Maria was ok with it. She just took control of the situation and pulled him close to her. She got him to stop merely just shifting his weight from one foot to the next and to move his hips a little bit in unison with hers.

He would have tried to kiss her then, but he was just so damn far away. It was a long way down to her lips. He was afraid the effort would draw too much attention them, and he could not have that, especially if he had gotten rejected.

The kiss did come, though, several beers later when neither of them cared what others would think. Instead of making the long journey down to Maria’s lips, he brought her lips to his. He effortlessly picked her up by her armpits like most people do their children, and brought her face to his. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, and her lips onto his.

They stayed in this position all they way up to Tim’s second-floor dorm room.

When Maria woke up the next morning, she bashfully got down off the top bunk and got dressed. Tim’s roommate pretended to be asleep while he watched her dress. She left without saying goodbye.

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Her Morning Routine – Post 1

She woke up before her husband, as she did every morning, and headed straight to the laundry room. She picked up his soiled clothes, threw them in the washing machine, filled the soap dispenser, pushed start, and headed to the kitchen to make coffee. By the time he woke up, her husband would never know that she did a load of laundry. That was the point. It was for his own protection.


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