After leaving the hospital that first day with 60 days worth of Desyrel, Tim and Maria stopped to pick up some groceries before heading home. When they got home, Tim dropped the groceries on the kitchen counter, took a seat on the couch and turned on the TV. It’s not that he didn’t want to help, but Maria had made it well known that she was in charge of the kitchen. He didn’t want to get in trouble for putting an onion in the refrigerator when it was supposed to go in the wicker basket that was on top of the microwave.

From the living room, he could hear the rustling of the plastic bags and clanging of the pots. He knew his wife was going to be busy in the kitchen for a while and in the end, Maria would serve him one of the best meals he ever had.

“Babe,” Maria yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” Tim yelled back.

“I’m gonna put your pills right here on the kitchen counter next to the paper towel thing.” The paper towel thing was a vertical brushed nickel paper towel holder. It could be put anywhere, but it had it’s proper place, to the right of the kitchen sink. Now it seemed that Tim’s medication also had it’s proper place too, to the right of the paper towel thing. “I’ll set out your dosage for you every day. They’ll be on the counter but today…”

“… today I’ll bring them to you.” As she said this, Maria stepped out of the kitchen and immediately caught the attention of Tim. She had a glass of water in one hand, two pills in the other, and was wearing nothing but a matching bra and panties. While everyone else liked G-strings or thong panties, Tim liked the bikini cut. He remembered picking these particular ones out as a Valentine’s gift last year. They were all black but see-thru enough that Tim could see both her manicured pubic hair and the crack of her ass. Maria didn’t care for them because of the visible panty line, but she knew when and where to wear them. Like under a pair of jeans, which were now on the kitchen floor along with the shoes and sweatshirt, she wore to the hospital.

Upon seeing his wife, blood started flowing to the appropriate body parts, and Tim turned off the TV. While he took his pills and drank his water, Maria undid her bra and slipped her panties down to the floor. She took the glass from Tim and went set it down on the end table but not before giving Tim a get those pants off look. Tim got his pants down to his ankles before he realized that he still had his boots on. But it didn’t matter. Maria had assessed that this was good enough and straddled her still dressed husband.

Maria was enjoying this impromptu lovemaking session as much as she could but in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but replay the Doctor’s words over and over again. “To eliminate the threat.”

After climaxing together, Maria stayed on top of her husband to recover leaving him inside of her. The firmness of Tim’s penis diminished to nothing and slowly left the warmth of his wife. After this, Maria got up, picked up her bra and panties and walked back to the kitchen. Tim watched her bare ass swaying from left to right with just a little jiggle with every step as she walked away.

Tim went pee and then returned to the living room and turned the TV back on. After about a half hour of flipping through the channels, the aroma of pan roasted tomatoes, chili, and garlic from the kitchen had made it’s way to the where he sat. More interested in what was going on in the kitchen than what was on tv, Tim went to check it out. “Smells good in here.” He found his wife breading thin slices of chicken breast. Flour, egg, then breadcrumbs. Her hair was in a messy bun and she has a smudge of flour on her cheek. She had put her sweatshirt back on but instead of her jeans, she had put on shorts. Shorts so short that Tim could see just a slight hint of each ass cheek peeking out the bottom.

Tim looked around and spotted the step stool Maria often needed to reach the higher cabinets in the kitchen. He got and it and brought it to Maria. “Here, you look like you need this.” She didn’t but she knew it was for him, not her and played along.

“Yeah? You think so?” she said. She stepped back and let him place the stool in front of the counter and then stepped up onto it with her bare feet. “Oh, that is better.” She continued with her process.Flour, egg, then breadcrumbs. From behind Tim reached his hands up her sweatshirt and cupped a bare breast in each hand and kissed her on her neck. This immediately made Maria wet, ready to receive him again but she did not let her desires be known. Instead, she continued. Flour, egg, then breadcrumbs.

Tim took a step back and pulled Maria’s shorts and panties down to her feet. “No, Timothy. What are you doing? I’m making dinner.” Maria protested standing there naked from the waist down, hands covered in clumps of egg and breading. Tim unzipped his pants and easily entered Maria from behind. Tim pumped away as if it had been months since the last time he had his wife, not minutes. Maria had continued to protest even though she had bent over slightly and was pushing backward towards Tim, ensuring she felt him as deep in her as possible. She managed all of this while without ever stopping what she was doing. Flour, egg, then breadcrumbs.

The eroticism of the whole scenario brought Tim’s climax quickly. After zipping up, he pulled Maria’s panties and shorts back up, put the step stool back, and went to the living room to collapse on the couch.

Maria brought her feet together and clenched her cheeks hoping to keep what Tim had left inside of her for as long as possible. She tolerated the quickies because she viewed them as foreplay. She knew her husband would more that make up for it later that night. Besides, Tim’s leave was almost up. He would be back at work soon and the anytime — anywhere sex would soon come to and end.

“You’re welcome!” She shouted into the living room. Flour, egg, then breadcrumbs.


“You have to go off them,” Maria told Tim.

“I can’t.”

“Timothy, please. We haven’t…” Maria stopped with wipe the tears from her eyes.

“But what if I hurt you again? That’s not an option.”

“The reason you hurt me was because I tried to wake you up. I should have just left you alone. All you were doing was sitting on the bed. It just freaked me out. If I hadn’t of done anything, you probably would have just laid back down and none of this would have happened. If it happens again, I’ll just leave you be. IF it even happens. They might not even come back.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please,” she said. “We can’t continue like this.”

The nightmares and the sleepwalking stopped the night Tim took the medication for the first time. After their excellent meal and the kitchen was clean, Tim and Maria retired to the bedroom and made love again before eventually falling asleep. That was the last time they had sex. It had been nearly a month.

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea were all common side effects, and Tim had been experiencing them all but what impacted him most was one of the not so common side effects: Change in sexual interest/ability.

Once the Desyrel got in his bloodstream, Tim was sleeping peacefully through the night. But he also lost all interest in his wife, sexually. None of the naughty tricks Maria knew Tim liked worked. Even without the interests, Tim would try to have sex for the sake of his wife, but nothing he or Maria could do could get the blood flowing to his flaccid organ.

Maria was happy and grateful that Tim’s nightmares had gone away, but she was devastated that they couldn’t make love. Yes, she loved sex with her husband. Yes, she loved how much he desired her. But more important than either of those, than whether Tim did a little sleepwalking or not, was her getting pregnant again.

Tim went off the meds but kept this bit of information between himself and Maria. He continued to see the doctor and refilling his perception to maintain the ruse but never took another pill.

When he went back to work, it was evident to his superiors that his performance was not the same as it was before his deployment. Eventually, the doctor recommended a medical discharge, and at the age of 26, Tim was a retired Staff Sergeant from the United States Air Force.

I hope you can see why I had to write in a lot of sex. I got to tell you it was quite the erotic journey I went on writing these scences. I tripled this week’s word count which practically means I wrote this chapter this morning. I hope you enjoy this weeks post.