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The Complete Guide to Primitive Eating

Within six months of going paleo, I lost around 35 pounds, dropped to a weight I had never seen as an adult, and accomplished things I never thought I could do, like run four miles barefoot and do pull-ups and ring dips. The transformation was amazing. Over the years I’ve received several inquiries from friends and family on Facebook asking how I achieved these results. My advice was simple: eat these foods, don’t eat these foods, and read these books. Every single person I gave this advice to, failed miserably. I couldn’t understand why when it was exactly how I got results! I would even get a little frustrated (maybe a lot) at the fact that people weren’t achieving good results with the advice I was giving them. In my mind, I gave great advice. Then someone pointed out to me that not everyone was like me. Not everyone was a gung-ho, all or nothing, do-it-now type of person. That’s when I sat down and started creating this program.

Udated 3D book cover 1Stop Working Out!

Who is this book for, then? People who are more the 5 pounds overweight. People who are 30, 40, or 100 pounds overweight. People who have struggled with their weight for years or decades. People who have tried every diet, weight loss program, and workout routine out there. People who have lost a bunch of weight only to gain it all back and then some. People who are doing the same thing others are doing, but aren’t getting the same results. People who have felt sad, broken, and depressed because nothing they did helped with their weight. People like me.


PYPTT 3-DPass Your PT Test

I have gone from failing and being in “the program” to ending my career with a 97.5. My goal is to produce the same results for all the Airmen out there, who are struggling with the PT Test, themselves.

This is not going to turn you into a machine overnight. This not my version of P90X. This is not Weight Watchers. I am not going to sell you a magic drink powder. I am not going to ask you to join a network marketing or multi level marketing scheme. What I am going to give you is information and guidance.

The Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment is broken down to three parts. Strength, Aerobic Endurance, and Waist Measurement. In this book I will give you unconventional methods to address each of these.

Mira 3DBookMIRA! (Free for your e-reader.)

I had a blast writing this book. It allowed me to be creative and to learn a lot more about Latin American culture and the negative effects certain foods have on our bodies. And, because it came from the heart, it’s good. The best thing I have written so far.

In this book, I cover the following topics:

  • The harsh reality of your and your family’s health
  • How to get rid of your panza
  • Agriculture in Latin America
  • Foods that are killing Latinas
  • Chronic Inflammation and Disease
  • Addressing your children’s eating habits
  • An easy program to get healthy

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