Tim usually slept in till noon. He could do this because he didn’t have a job. He did manage to get a job after he got out of the Air Force as an operator in a hospital boiler plant nearby but was soon fired for his erratic behavior and eventually getting into a fight with a coworker. After this, both Maria and Tim agreed that he would be better off staying at home for a while. They could afford to make this decision. Tim was medically retired from the Air Force due to complications after a deployment. He collected a nice pension every month.

Short one this week. Tim’s morning continues but for some reason, I felt like stopping here and telling about the day he leaves for Iraq. That’s coming next week. I still think like I’m writing a script, so these “chapters” come out as scenes. Keep in mind I have no idea how to write a script or a novel. I’m just winging it. You should also know that the chapters are getting longer. When I started writing this I wanted it to be short story. I wanted to just get this story out there but it has evolved into a novel. So, now I’m adding a lot more detail. Telling the background of the characters.